The average tilt of the earth is 23.4 degrees. Is the tilt Left? Or is it Right? Based on the number of people who embrace Socialism it must be Left. The tilt of the earth doesn’t change. Some people believe that the change in tilt causes the seasons. That’s wrong. Know why? Most people don’t and that’s OK because they probably will never need that information. Or, as most people do, they recite something they believe is true without knowing why. That should sound wrong to you because it is wrong. A statement can be tested to decide if it’s true or not. the test is simple.  Truth is that which conforms to reality.

Why is it important? Because all truth is related. If that sounds a bit funny it’s because you probably never heard it or you probably accepted a wrong definition of truth. Truth is about true things. True things are things that conform to reality. That includes certain intangible things. One question to ask is “what are the facts in reality that give rise to this?” Then you can figure out if the earth really does tilt left.

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