Jose Padilla drew up plans to explode a radioactive nuclear device in Chicago. Here are four plans to kill people. John Wilkes Booth planned to assassinate President Lincoln. Lee Harvey Oswald planned to kill John F. Kennedy. Timothy McVeigh planed to blow up the Murrah building in Oklahoma and Padilla planned to bomb Chicago. Only one plan was stopped ~ because before 9/11 a crime had to occur before a criminal could be prosecuted. No corpse, no arrest. Self-admitted terrorist Padilla was arrested before he detonated a radioactive nuclear suitcase bomb and therefore before he committed mass murder so the New York Times and The Huffington Post thought Padilla’s rights were violated by the President and the Secretary of War because unlike Timothy McVeigh, Padilla was arrested before he could actually assassinate Americans. Too bad Donald Rumsfield was not Secratary of War before Pearl Harbor.

So the court destroyed the Times and Huffington’s illogical terrorist supporting opinions and continued to incarcerate Padilla. Hundreds of people are not dead because Padilla cannot blow them up while he’s in jail. But the ACLU and some of their associates at Yale Law School sued America’s officials on behalf of Padilla. They called the United States case against Jose Padilla “Lawfare” which is a wrong name to apply to a bomber planning to murder American citizens. About eight (8) months ago, on January 28, 2012,  The Wall Street Journal wrote: “the lawyers suing for Padilla aren’t interested in Justice, they’re practicing ‘Lawfare’. Lawfare Loses Big is the title of the New York Times opinion. So Padilla must spend 17 years in prison for planning to murder hundreds of American’s in America. Padilla may be free in 2019 when he can return to the war against the people of America and he can try again. I suppose the ACLU  and Yale Law will pick him up when he is released from prison.

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