Sure as pomegranites are red, the President is losing ground among some of the races, cultures, genders and workers. Somehow the hope and promise of  Americans becoming more united, the promise of our struggles with civil rights and our faith in Obama to do that has been dashed by the harsh judgment of the events of the past four years. The President created hostility where none existed and divided us more. Too bad for us.

Lets condider race. Whites, African Americans and Hispanics; – the big three. Other races are players in the election drama but they will not be involved in the main narratives. Cultures include the Jewish and Israel-Americans; the European-Americans, shocked that label has become fashionable, not just in the Rap music but Euro-American is mainstream; the African-Americans who had lost that label now find it in the mainstream again; Hispanic the code word of the Left to sweep together the many races and nationalities who have some relation to Spain, either by heritatge or oppression. There are huge differences between say Venezuelan and Colombian ancestors. They are not Hispanic. They are Venezuelan or Colombian. Neither would want to be the other. The stereotype Hispanic is not a consideration yet the Left paints them as homogenized. Can Obama get them together? Unlikely yet the pandering goes on. Same for the gender votes. More division than ever. Too bad. Progress is perhaps too slow but demonizing one side is not American. The workers are Union, non-union and anti-union. No togetherness there. None.

Too many divisions. No Uniter. Too Bad.

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