He’s decided to hand around Washington DC to continue to give the world his essence. He’s been rejected by almost the rest of the world as a small minded man of little consequence with a messianic complex so it’s fitting in his mind to stay close to his historic achievement except his policies and doctrines were also responsible for the defeat of Hillary Clinton and the virtual rub-out of the Democratic party.

Obama’s political losses parallel his tin ears. He’s successfully tuned out most people over his life and his presidency is a testament to Valerie Jarret. Barack was at best a co-president. Valarie did all of the heavy lifting and kept pushing Barack into the spotlight to get her agenda passed.

He plans to live in DC. the question is where will Valerie live? That’s where his power is. Without Valerie he’s a ditherer who has as much trouble selecting want tie to wear as solving the terrorist problem.

Valerie will hook up with Michelle after Obama’s term is finished and according to author and Obama biographer they will most likely decamp to Spain or France for a couple of years for Michelle to decide what she’s going to do next. For both the Obama’s it’s wished they would just go away.  

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