Now that Obama has finished negotiating for Iran to finish developing their nuclear weapons he’s watching Saudi Arabia get them. He seems to believe the more Muslim countries that have nuclear bombs the better for peace.


It’s true.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, has been busy promoting more and more war in the Middle East. He succeeded in getting Saudi Arabia to fight in Yemen and to get them interested in going nuclear. John Kerry who is both for and against war, just like Obama, has joined Iran and is allegedly working against Iran. It’s the new Obama Standard. It’s called “DOUBLETHINK”: the ability to hold opposite views and support both while being against both. It’s a form of early onset dementia.

Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize and is working on getting the first ever Nobel War Prize. He deserves both. After all, he’s both black and white. Why not give him both the War and Peace Prize?  .

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