Who names their kid Lourdes? Answer: Madonna. What about actually naming your kid Madonna, after the Mother of Christ? What is up with these kinds of people anyhow? What strange psychosis runs inside their brains?

When she finally figured out Trump had won she said: “I was devastated, surprised, in shock. I haven’t really had a good night’s sleep since he has been elected. We’re f—ed.”

Really? Well no, not really and Mother of Jesus aka. Louise Veronica Ciccone with her IQ of 140 can figure this out. She’s jumped around so much her brains been shaken into stupidity.

1958 was a bad year for the universe. A weirdo named Mother of Jesus was born. An IQ of 140 can really be as low as 128 or as high as 150. Singers need a minimum IQ of 75. Mother of Jesus is a singer. At age 58 she should know how presidential elections work. Obama got 62.6 million. Romney got 59.4 million. Trump received fewer votes than Hillary but he received more votes that mattered so he has 306 electoral votes vs. 232 for her.  Why can’t she understand that?

Bottom line for Madonna. Great entertainer. Relies on female anatomy. Always liked to show off her naked body to the boys. See Wikipedia. Would pull up her skirt to show her underwear. Nice girl? Nope. Poor political analyst. Show her where the stage entrance is.


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