He’s still at it. Yesterday he said: “You Can’t Do Things By Yourself”. Maybe he can’t but everyone else eats their own food and thinks which proves everyone else eats their food and thinks by themselves. He fibbed his way along at Newport News Shipbuilding where 21,000 people each work at a different job which they do themselves. So much for his idea no one can do things by themselves. Each individual at Newport does everything by themselves. The key is the number of people who work there, each at a different job. No one does someone elses job. If they do they are not doing their own job. The key to figure out people are individuals is 21,000. That’s 21,000 individuals.

Obama doesn’t like individuals. He prefers groups, – like racial groups, cultural groups and of course unions. But there is no such thing in existence as a group of individuals. What exists are the individuals. Individuals can work together but each must work individually. No group can eat for another person. No group can think for another person and Obama needs to figure out the difference between his use of groups, –his divisive use of groups to keep people divided from each other. What a cad.  

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