Girl-child Madonna continued her anti-America and anti- Donald Trump hectoring at a fundraiser for, ready for this? Not the poor of America but for Malawi where the corruption is among the highest in the universe. Naive and stupid singer.

She said from the stage as though it was consequential that she was very single and hadn’t had sex in a long time and said she’d always had a fascination with clowns which she said are “profoundly misunderstood.” Not by adults who know clowns are ordinary people in Halloween costumes. Madonna of course lives in the fantasy world while people like Donald Trump are busy bending the arc of history.

AP reported she said she was ashamed to be an American. Why not go to Malawi if she thinks it’s so important? It isn’t and neither is she.

The night was punctuated by her sardonic humor, corny clown jokes, controversial political statements and general alternative universe ideas. . 


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