She may be his first Public Enemy. Her rather ill-considered attack on him was based on her prediction he would lose. He didn’t. FOX News has suffered. Gretchen Carlson’s pyrrhic victory shows the disaster of losing a prime host spot. Carlson’s career is over. Kelly’s is next.

Her reputation –as she knows full well is connected to FOX. No FOX, no more Megyn Kelly. Can she pivot once again, visit Trump in Trump Tower, and ask him to re-consider? No. Fool me once is enough. She has attacked¬†Trump countless times after deceiving him with her visit to Trump Tower. She’s been a bully to many guests who mistakenly thought she had integrity. She does not. She lacks honesty too. ¬†

Kelly will be a fave of Hillary supporters. She lost along with with Hillary and unless she can go to Trump once more and deceive him again, her career will be as a Trump Attacker. Her best path foreword is to visit with George Soros, the real head of the Democrats.
Kelly is an unprincipled Fame Whore. Donald Trump has become her Satanic Obsession. Color the whites of her eyes red. She’s Trumps mist vivid hater. America will continue to be misled until people like Kelly are no longer news. Bottom line? Kelly is a fraud. It’s that simple. She has nothing to offer except her appearance and her hate.

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