He doesn’t play by the usual politicians rules. He’s on his own. Why is that good?
Because most people know the game has been rigged by the politicians so the friends of the politicians get elected. That’s why and how Obama won and it’s why the politicians,….. Republicans included are so comfortable with Hillary. Trump doesn’t care about politics.

His audience is not the Paul Ryan-Mitt Romney class, but the dissatisfied, concerned, pissed off, and anyone else who knows America has been going in the wrong direction.

Trump has changed because so many people love the idea of David killing Goliath, of Samson pulling down the Temple and her comes Donald, dropped by fate into their adoring laps. Trump has gotten to like and to really love Americans from visiting so many places off the beaten track of the politicians.
American’s are easy to love unless you are a politician. Trump didn’t start out knowing that. He just wanted to win but since he became the candidate and since he visited hundreds of American places with millions of people cheering him he changed in a way that’s easy to see. He fell in love with American’s by visiting them where they work, play and live. He found out how horrible government has been treating Americans and he will change that. He sort of can’t help it. He has a lot of new friends.

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