She’s as tough as a $2 steak said one wag.
Hillary has been manipulating her country’s (1) democratic, (2) legal, and (3) religious institutions, and that apparently doesn’t bother you Democrats as much as the fact that Russia engages in espionage. Michelle is worse than Putin because Putin is not trying to manipulate the election of Donald Trump as President, Michelle is. .  Stupid Hillary left her State Department Emails sitting on her windowsill like a fresh blueberry pie. Why the mock surprise that it’s the Russians fault for reading them?

A December 2014 Gallup poll found Putin to be the tenth-most-admired person in the United States, statistically tying with Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. And a survey conducted in May by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News found that Putin was more popular—or, rather, less unpopular—than both presidential nominees: 38 percent of respondents claimed to have a “very negative” view of the Russian president, vis-à-vis 41 percent for Clinton and 44 percent for Trump. Despite the best efforts of scaremongering elites like Hilldawg, the American people aren’t falling for that fur-hatted, vodka-sipping straw man anymore.

Hillary Clinton isn’t just a nasty woman. She’s a ruthless hatemonger devoted wholly to two corrupt pursuits while on the federal teat: tearing down and cashing in.

The two-faced, split-tongued politician who mocked Trump for calling out America’s rigged system came to power decrying the “vast right-wing conspiracy” to deflect from that blue dress her husband stained. She’s a menace to alternate media, to entrepreneurs, to honest, hard-working people, to the rule of law, public safety and national security.

When you tune out the manufactured noise and distractions, when you ignore the media squirrels and engineered scuffles, when you rip up the gender card and contemplate nearly 25 years of the politics of personal destruction and private enrichment—not to mention the standalone disqualifying scandals of Benghazi, Emailgate and the WikiLeaks disclosures—the choice should not be difficult.

You can take a gamble on the imperfect businessman who has never held public office. Or you can go with the guaranteed continuation of Hillary Clinton’s entrenched climate of hate and culture of corruption. Left, right or center, if you are opposed to Clintonian history repeating itself, you’ll take your chances with Trump.

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