How much would it cost? Trump could probably pay for it by himself. And if Trump or America buys Mexico for sure we could catch “El Shorty” who just proved Trump was right about Mexican Criminals.

America could boycott Mexico but what do most people buy that’s made only in Mexico? America has plenty of great Mexican restaurants so we don’t need them to get teriffic Mexican food.

Here’s what we import from Mexico. Cars and Trucks; Electronics; Engines; Pumps; Oil; Medical Equipment; Furniture; Gems and Jewels; Iron and Vegetables. Everything we could get from somewhere else and maybe cheaper. Certainly we can make cars and everything else right here in the good old U.S.A. or even buy it from another friendly country. And America may have more Mexicans her than there are in Mexico.

If Mexico was really smart they would try to become the 51st state instead of trying to take over the American Southwest. Both countries would gain and both would be better off.

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