PRAVADA is the government controlled newspaper in the Soviet Union/Russia. It officially began on 5 May, 2012, the anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth. The Soviet Union was a union of totalitarian communist countries.
CNN’s Chris Cumo envies the totalitarian’s control of information. He cut the CNN feed of Congressman Chris Collins as soon as Collins said: “Wilileaks”. How can an election be controlled if the truth leaks out?
Cuomo doesn’t like the information in the Wikileaks e-mails because it’s been very damaging for Hillary. Cuomo in his totalitarian mindset said it was illegal for the public to read Wikileaks emails. CNN wants the American people to stay ignorant about Clinton’s crimes. That’s how dictators operate.

But that wasn’t the first time that a live feed on CNN has been “lost” right as damaging information about Hillary Clinton was about to be revealed.

Back in July, CNN reporter Brianna Keilar began talking about Hillary’s support for anti-crime legislation in the 90’s which contributed to the “mass incarceration” of black people, before the video was immediately cut.

Count ABC in on the Hillary Fix. During a Donald Trump speech in Daytona Ohio, ABC News also, conveniently for Hillary-supporting ABC, “lost its live feed” as soon as Trump began talking about Hillary Clinton’s connection to ISIS.

The Russian constitution like the American constitution, provides for freedom of speech and press but government regulation, and politically motivated criminal investigations of the press and of individual reporters have forced the press to exercise self-censorship constraining its coverage of certain controversial issues.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Russian government exerts control over civil society through selective implementation of the law, restriction and censure.

“Since the early 1990s, a number of Russian reporters who have covered the situation in Chechnya, contentious stories on organized crime, state and administrative officials, and large businesses have been killed. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, since 1992, 50 journalists have been murdered for their professional activity in Russia (which made it the third deadliest country for journalist in the 1992–2006 period: 30 journalists from 1993 to 2000, and 20 journalists since 2000.

How serious is government interference with a free press? Dmitry Medvedev said government sometimes meddles in the electoral process, takes control of this or that media outlet, trying to stop it from saying what government considers the wrong thing, preventing the election of who they consider the wrong person, and puts pressure on the courts, stopping them from handing down what they consider the wrong verdict. So much for the protection of the constitution by government that sweeps it aside to control information. George Orwell called it “Newspeak”

Cuomo has that mindset.


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