Without the media Trump would be ahead by 15 points. Without Obama and Michelle his lead would be 20 points.

What about the public? Their secrecy about not telling the media they will vote for Trump is skewing the polls in favor of Hillary, the most corrupt American in the world and that includes world history. Her little monkeys tried to protect her at the State Department by trying to bribe the FBI to de-classify emails Hillary had on her server. It didn’t work, at least not at the meeting tant was revealed by WikiLeaks. The Obama White House has invited white-hating rappers and bigots to the White House. Obama raised a Black Power Fist while entertaining the 2016 Olympians. President of all the people he is not. Never was and can never be.
Obama also said: “people should understand the frustrations of black Americans about the shooting of unarmed African-Americans by police. “Frustrations”?

The people with a right to be frustrated with a black community prepared to riot on behalf of criminals are those Americans who find themselves caught in the crosshairs. President Obama, the Main Stream Media and these extremist activists have enabled a surge of violence leading to nightmarish scenes, such as Americans being trapped in a car during urban riots, pleading for help.

Hate orchestrated by and from the White House. Disturbing.
Hillary has already condemned Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables” and “irredeemable.” If they are “irredeemable,” what kind of a future can Trump and his voters expect if she wins?

That’s one reason Donald Trump attracts such enthusiastic and dedicated supporters.

In this battle for survival, Trump and white America are in it together.

Hillary supporters hate Trump and want to destroy Trump’s supporters. Why?
The government of the United Kingdom just silenced WikiLeaks Julian Assange. No one in America can or wants to silence the wicked media who shower Hillary with accolades but fail to mention her lack of meaningful achievements. Yes, she was an excellent student before descending into the muck and mire of Bill Clinton. No, she should not be elected to be President since that would reward failure and villany.

Julian Assange leaked material harmful to the Democrat candidate, and an unknown “state actor” cuts off his Internet access. Charming. Where does the Democratic political party end and the state begin? Or, as we know, they are the same wicked people. 

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