McGinty’s going to win because Toomey doesn’t understand this loyalty stuff. Loyal Republicans will vote for Trump. Doesn’t matter if they like him or not, he’s the candidate, he gets the vote. Not so fast says Toomey. “I’m not endorsing him”. Traitor.

Pat “Flip-Flop” said: “I could never support Hillary.” Yeah, so who will he vote for? If he doesn’t vote for Trump, that helps Hillary because it means Hillary needs one less vote to win. If he doesn’t vote for Hillary, what’s the point of his vote?

Hey Pat: –There’s no third choice. It’s either-or, not none of the above. How brain dead is the man? A binary choice means Trump or Hillary. Only Trump or Hillary can win. Not voting is very un-American. Not voting is, well, it’s just dumb.

So plenty of Republicans will vote for Trump but not Toomey. Some may write-in a third candidate for the Senate as a protest against Toomey but the real Republican and Tea Party Protesters will vote for McGinty to show their disgust at a moral mediocrity.

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