It’s why the contrarian law of nature doesn’t exist. Only the natural world exists and only Trump can be the next President, so say the bettors, the people who put their money down to reinforce their convictions and predictions. A Trump victory will pay will pay 4 to 1, $100 for a $25 bet.  

The odds are similar to the Brexit odds. Fortune magazine wrote:  “the polls aren’t as accurate as you think”. 

Foreign bettors don’t have anything at stake so they are more analytical. they note “the media got trumps Primary win all wrong all over the place. They said the guy has no chance, – that he was doing this as a joke. they were all wet and all wrong. 

We’ve been watching the left wing media B/S for years and we see through it. We know polls are designed to push people into voting for their candidate. Completely unreliable. Liars like Hillary. 

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