It’s as official as it can be, Donald Trump will win PA. How can we be so sure?

J.D. (John) Mullane is a Courier Times columnist/reporter in Levittown in Bucks County PA. John came up with a sure-fire way to predict the winner of an election. Count the signs on the lawns of Levittown, PA. 

The little lawn signs are put up by homeowners. Sort of the grass roots because they’re put up on the lawns of homeowners. Levittown is Democrat. Always has been but sometimes they vote for a Republican.

Years ago Levittowners were forbidden from putting up political lawn signs. The government wanted to control the lawn signs so they passed a law requiring people to get a sign permit before putting up a little political sign. I ran for office in Bucks County and had to post over $5,000 for sign permits for political signs so I went to court to protest. Americans have the freedom to protest and the political sign permits violated the Constitution. It took two years in court but finally I won and all of the townships in Bucks County had to remove their political sign ordinances. 

It would be normal for Levittowners to support Hillary but Mullane reported very few Hillary signs and loads of Trump signs in Levittown. Same for Northampton township. He predicted Trump will win in Levittown. As Levittown goes, so goes Pennsylvania. 

Get ready for President Trump. 

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