The government can keep more secrets than you can imagine. Hillary’s e-mails that included e-mails to Barack Obama were sent on a secret server in her basement and a back-up in Denver. TWA 800 was hit by a missile. 258 eye-witnesses watched it go up, hit the 747 and bring it down. The government changed the narrative to an explosion by a spark over a center fuel tank that contained kerosene, not gasoline. kerosene is far less flammable than gasoline but TWA 800 didn’t explode from a sparking wire. No 747 ever has. It exploded because it was hit by a missile. Missile debris was found on the seat covers inside the aircraft.

How could such a conspiracy be kept secret? By the efforts of government officials who were ordered and determined to keep it secret and to change the story from a missile to a spark in a wire. Look how many people kept the invasion of France by England and America secret.

Secrets can be easy to keep or difficult but it’s certain there are secrets and in a new book: TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy by Jack Cashill and the movie: TWA Flight 800
An earlier book: “The Downing Of TWA Flight 800” – April 1, 1997
by James Sanders is reviewed here: The Real Truth Behind the Shoot-down of Flight 800
By NancyBIrnes July 19, 2013
Author James Sanders, whom the Dept. of Justice prosecuted for writing the original edition of this book 17 years ago became, like Eric Snowden, an enemy of the state by revealing the truth about a government cover-up. Sanders meticulously took apart the government story of a center wing tank explosion as the event that brought down the plane and argued that evidence from eyewitnesses, the FAA’s own radar as well as military radar, and physical trace evidence demonstrated that Flight 800 was blown out of the air by a US Navy missile. In this ebook, Sanders updates his thesis with new information, including more radar evidence, more photos of what took place inside the Flight 800 crash reconstruction hangar at Calverton, Long Island, and more crash scene evidence. Sanders explains that the FBI, who took over the investigation from the NTSB, actually retagged debris pulled from the ocean so as to restage the crash scene, altering it to fit the government cover-up theory of a center wing tank explosion. Sanders demonstrates conclusively that his investigation showed that one of the first parts of the 747 to fall into the ocean was the plane’s number 3 engine, the engine closest to the fuselage on the right wing. This, he says, is where the original impact of the missile was. Because the engine had been retrieved from the westernmost edge of the debris field, the area closest to JFK where the original pieces of the plane fell, it indicated that something tore the engine off before anything else happened. This was consistent with an external impact and explosion. However, the FBI retagged the engine so that it could argue that the engine was retrieved from the easternmost part of the debris field to bolster its argument that a center wing tank explosion broke up the plane in midair. Sanders, a retired police crash=scene investigator, puts forth not only convincing arguments, but substantiates those arguments with clear and convincing evidence that shows how the government distorted facts, misreported what eyewitnesses told them, and outright lied about what they discovered. Then, on top of all of it, the government prosecuted the author for bringing forth evidence — specifically, the red residue from a solid fuel rocket that turned up on the rear of seats in the business class section of Flight 800 — that showed government investigators were covering up the truth. When you read this book, you will be horrified at first and then you will simply be furious at how an investigative journalist was prosecuted for simply telling the truth.

Where would a heat-seeking missile hit a 747? A heat seeker is a missile guided by an infra red detecting device. Engine exhaust is a highly detectable IR source. A IR guided missile would lock onto the exhaust and fly until it hit something.

The most likely place to hit a 747 flying above and to the left of the missile which art this point seems to have been shot from a navy ship would most likely be on the right side since the missile was fired from behind and to the right of the moving aircraft. The missile would fly toward or perhaps into the exhaust of one of the right side engines. It’s possible that the outermost engine, engine number 4, would have been hit by the missile effectively shattering it and breaking off the outer right wing causing the aircraft to roll to the right, pitch down at which point the forward fuselage would bend like a soda straw and break off. Remember, it’s going forward at 700 feet a second but as soon as it’s hit it slowed and rolling in 3 dimensions. The large, heavy number three engine would break itself off from the damaged right wing because the aircraft was travelling about 500 miles and hour, about two blocks a second and fall into Long Island sound before other pieces would. It would be the Westernmost piece of debris as reported by author Sanders.

Why the government would purposely claim the number three engine was much further East is a mystery. How the government can keep the secrets for 20 years is an even greater mystery. Why it would want to continue to do that is another mystery.

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