It actually happened the day after the debate as Hillary opened her mouth extra-wide and let out a glass-cracking cackle-laugh that is positively inhuman. In the shadow of the greatest witch of all time, at least in the movies, Margaret Hamilton was without competition until Hillary was born. Hillary has no compassion on those of us who are appalled by her insensitivity, her lack of empathy and her joyless existence.

The Intellectual Idiot insiders share her passion for words without meaning, analysis without facts, and promises without performance. They are more than for her. They are her.

Look at this list of online polls to understand the gap between the out-of-touch Hillary elites and the vast majority of Americans. This list is long to show how willfully out of touch and dishonest the Intellectual Idiot class is:

Time: Trump 55 Clinton 45

Fortune: Trump 53, Clinton 47 (New Jersey): Trump 57.5, Clinton 37.78

CNBC: Trump 68, Clinton 32

WCPO Cincinnati: Trump 57, Clinton 37

Variety: Trump 58.12, Clinton 41.88

Slate: Trump 55.18, Clinton 44.82

WKRN Nashville: Trump 64.58, Clinton 35.42

Las Vegas Sun: Trump 82, Clinton 18

Fox5 San Diego: Trump 61.45, Clinton 33.69

San Diego Tribune: Trump 65, Clinton 35

If you go to the Daily Mail, you can see that the list goes on and on.

Clinton won a handful of liberal sites with liberal audiences but she lost very bad with the voters.

President Trump. Get used to it.

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