That’s really a bad season, even for a Philadelphia team. Being a native born Philadelphian, that’s disappointing and more than a little depressing. It’s also unexpected since Carson Wentz, the outstanding rookie quarterback wasn’t able to get the team into the win column more often.

Philly is a forgiving sports town so the enthusiasm of the fans will get them thru this season while they hope things will improve in 2017. They played hard in today’s heartbreaking loss to a rather mediocre Cincinnati Bengals team who of course deserved their win. There are excuses but none are meaningful. Watching the game was hard to do. One want’s their “team” to win and watching the Eagles lose even though they played a classy game was hard. The blame for the loss is shared by the team and the coaches even though there were some outstanding Eagles playing on the field today.

Philly is not used to losing. Philly voted for Hillary once and Obama twice. That’s a .666 record. That’s great statistically but statistics won’t help a team get better or make them worse. With the Eagles it’s impossible to predict what will happen next year but the Delaware Valley would desperately prefer a winning season for the Eagles.

But as happens in life, we don’t always get what we want.  


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