“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” said the Great And Powerful OZ as Toto pulled down the curtain and revealed, not the wizard but a man with a microphone telling people not to believe what they were watching.

Hillary is the phony wizard telling us she is healthy. When we watched her on 9/11 having grand mal seizure yet her doctor lies to us and tells us she has pneumonia. Maybe she does but that’s not what the doctor should be telling us about Hillary’s health. She has had several, perhaps numerous seizures and the mainstream media should not let these liars get away with their lying.

Incredibly, these lying malafactors turn her grand mal seizures into evidence of good health. How without integrity.
Definition of Grand Mal Seizure
By Mayo Clinic Staff
A grand mal seizure features a loss of consciousness and violent muscle contractions. It’s the type of seizure most people picture when they think about seizures.

All Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain.

Let that sink in. To repeat, abnormal activity in the brain. Repeat: throughout the brain. Abnormal. Hillary has abnormal activity in her brain. That’s bad.

Most of the time grand mal seizure is caused by epilepsy. In some cases, however, this type of seizure is triggered by other health problems, such as extremely low blood sugar, high fever or a stroke.

The second type of seizure ia “A Petit Mal Seizure” aka. an absence seizure which involves a brief, sudden lapse of consciousness. Abnormal Electrical Brain Activity. Someone having an absence seizure may look like he or she is staring into space for a few seconds.
There are references all over the internet of Hillary’s seizure behaviors which either mimic seizures or show them.

Can Hillary even function if she is having seizures? Should she withdraw as a candidate or should she continue with yet another of her frauds on the American public?
Hillary has a dangerous condition that affects her brain. She is under constant medical care yet we are led to believe she in healthy when she is very, very sick. Suppose the President of the United States in involved in negotiations with foreign powers and intellectually she is momentarily absent because she’s having a brief petit mal seizure and doesn’t hear several important words. She signs or agrees to something horrible for Americans. Why take that chance?

Suppose she has a seizure while flying and is 500 miles from a proper hospital. What would or could happen to her? Abnormal electrical activity in the brain can be fatal. Why take that chance? For those who support her, why allow her bad judgment to put her in danger? For those who don’t support her it’s wrong to let anyone put themselves in danger so either way, she needs to finally retire and try to live what’s left of her life in the best way possible which is not be continue as a candidate but to switch her activities to have a better life for herself. Simultaneously she will be helping make America a better place.

As George Burns said to Gracis Allen: “Say goodnight Hillary”.

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