Rumsfeld told Chris Wallace tonight that the media distorted his remarks about NATO. He talked about his visit to the Caucasus and that his hosts told him he was wrong in reports they read. So he had his staff check the media reports and they were wrong. The media mis-reported what Rumsfeld said.

The media has been constantly caught distorting and telling big fibs but it doesn’t faze them. Bernie Goldberg wrote Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News in 2001. If anything the media has gotten worse including Megyn Kelly who constantly distorts reports about Trump.

“The View” is so distorted about just about everything yet they are popular, probably because of the personalities and left-wing celebrities on the show.

The left is not really lying. They believe what they are thinking and saying. They just don’t know they are wrong. Why?

Why is the Left so wrong? Because they accept wrong ideas at their source so things they learn later are compared with their wrong belief’s and they get more wrong ideas.

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