It’s getting worse and worse for America’s Wicked Witch. Of course no one wants anything physical but this intellectual piece of garbage has been lording it over those who believes are beneath her since she was a student.

Fired from the Watergate Investigation and her supervisor said he should have moved to have her disbarred, that’s how long ago she proved her bona fides as a world class un-indicted criminal, complete with her conspiracy buddies who were in on the scheme. That would be Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills among a great many others. Obama won’t let her be indicted and the next President won’t serve any purpose to indict her but her e-mail caper hurt America as the government hackers from the enemies or opponents of America had a field day reading the classified material she exposed.

Co-conspirator Eric Holder and other high-ranking FBI and DOJ officials themselves wrote Ms. Clinton at —not to mention countless communications with the President and “All His Muses”—Counter-terrrorism advisor Lisa Monaco, National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and then White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler (not to mention Valerie Jarrett), all the co-conspirators of Hillary Clinton, may time never forget her criminal deeds.

Clinton deliberately demonstrated disdain for the Federal Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act. She violated the Espionage Act by having information relating to the national defense on her server. That’s 100%. Her deliberate disregard for national security made the job of all hackers that much easier.. 

The Espionage Act criminalizes the “communication, delivery, or transmission of that information; causing communication, delivery, or transmission of that information; permitting the removal of that information from its proper place of custody through gross negligence; permitting that information to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed through gross negligence; or, failing to make a prompt report to superiors in the government when an official knows that the information has been removed from its proper place of custody, communicated to someone not authorized to have it, lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed.” See also Title 18 United States Code Section 2071 prohibiting destruction of records.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters had the guts to say on FoxNews, “Hillary Clinton is a criminal.”

No wonder people do not respect this President or the people in his administration. Until Hillary is indicted we know justice is a political game.


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