Once upon a time 13 colonies became a Constitutional Republic called the United States of America. That time is gone and so is that America. Gone, gone, gone. Over and done. The Constitution is a dead letter. America has become a wholly illegitimate, tyrannical regime whose evil nature we now see unmasked by the first biggest mistake of a President who should retire to Russia where he can further help the Marxists.

Ayn Rand’s prescient forecasts have come to pass. Forget the Pollyannish horse-hockey the younger generation of entrepreneurs, such as Gates, Zuckerberg, the Apple and Google gangs, and all the other Silicon Valley and Harvard whiz-kids will pull the Liberty’span out of the fire. They are culpable for funding and enabling the Marxist and fascist criminals that have brought the greatest nation the world has ever known to its knees. The sort of losses to liberty we have seen in the era of the monster Hussein are irrecoverable

If there is a rebirth of freedom, it won’t be until after the descent is checked. America has kicked overboard the ideas that produced the Founders. “Bye bye American pie”.

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