Hillary want’s to defeat ISIS “on the battlefield”. So far that hasn’t worked. Trump want’s to Stop and Frisk Muslims before they enter America to blow up and shoot up Americans. Donald Rumsfeld said: ‘I couldn’t support Mrs. Clinton.’ ‘What she has done with classified information I think is inexcusable and puts at risk people’s lives [and] not just ours.’

Obama failed to defeat ISIS on the battlefield because he’s a weak leader and has stopped supporting the military in Iraq where he pulled out the military but had to send some of them back. What kind of nutty strategy pulls out fighters then sends them back?

The danger to American’s is letting unknown immigrants into America. Trump wants to stop them from coming and investigate them before letting them come in. He should also deport those who are here illegally and deport those who become radicalized at their Mosques inside America.

Known threats, those overstaying combat extremism. in America. Obama said ISIS is the JV. He can’t defeat the JV because ISIS isn’t the JV. ISIS is professional trained and taught to kill Americans in America. Every year of Obama’s reign there’s been a terrorist attack in America. He pulled out of Iraq. ISIS is recruiting foreign fighters but Obama hasn’t done it.

Rumsfeld said If Hillary was a soldier she probably would have been arrested by now. He said he agrees in principle with Trump’s position on reforming the NATO alliance, keeping Syrian refugees at bay over fears of terrorist infiltration, and other issues.
“And besides, I don’t believe Hillary Clinton is qualified to be President of the United States.’

Neither Hillary nor Bernie nor all the progressive leaders of all the organizations funded by George Soros, by his Democracy Alliance, by the TIDES foundation and the other money-bags and dark money hangouts of the liberal oligarchy, can defeat Donald Trump. Soon Soros will see Hillary is the most flawed candidate ever and he and his dark minions will start abandoning Hillary or they will lose everything in November as Trump triumphs.


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