Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, the Race Riots in Charlotte are sort of prohibited to be called Race Riots, just as gay men are not called gay men anymore but are now called homosexuals and their single sexed love as the love that dare not speak it’s name, according to Lord Alfred Douglas aka. Bosie, the close friend of Oscar. Curious how the most prestigious award in the movies is called that. .

Race these days is called by other names like skin-color or the couplet African-American but it wouldn’t do to call a race riot an African-America riot. Much too clumsy for the parlors of the jet setters.

The press is careful to show mostly far away videos so race is not made into the issue  but facts are stubborn things and in the case of Charlotte, Ferguson, Baltimore Milwaukee, Dallas, the list of the race-based riots make the facts undeniable.

Especially troublesome is a white reporter who almost thrown into a fire and white people being beaten by the last remnants of a most uncivil part of a supposedly non-existent sub-culture, one not divided by race.

Race is everything to certain people. Michelle Obama wrote her senior thesis at Princeton, a campus without the dregs of society about her becoming more black. Michelle was referring her attitude but using her skin color as a referent. Another example of: “it’s not about what it’s about.”

So the Hip-Hoppers will rap as the race riots in Charlotte join the pop culture.
Wiki refers to race riots as far back as 1824, 208 years ago but the 1924 riot was by white men against black people in a place called Hard Scrabble, Rhode Island where white men set fire to homes of black people.

When does this get better? What’s going wrong and why? 208 years is far too long without answers. Something is horribly wrong but what? Some right things need to be addressed and solved but what? Too many people have been at this too long so why does it still go on?

Is race rioting normal? No, —- at least it’s not an acceptable normal. Why is it happening? The rioters have been interviewed. They have been captured but that didn’t and doesn’t stop a rioting race-based mob or prevent it from happening again and again.

We can’t just let it die down without figuring what’s going on. Or, perhaps that’s the way it is and that’s the way it will stay.

If so it’s a pity.

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