A disgusting shrill woman, almost unbearable to men, is headed to Ohio to Help Trump. Elizabeth Warren is good news for Trump as her latest brain fizz is to join Hillary. That’s better than Hillary’s Bad Health as an issue because “Fauxcahontas ‘Liz is another known liar who faked being part Native American to get her into Harvard and other places.

Cherokee ancestors, –  Warren said she was 1/32 Cherokee which was a total fabrication, aka. A lie.

Harlyn Geronimo, a direct descendant of the great Apache warrior, and his wife Karen both said they would not vote for someone who misrepresented herself as an American Indian.  “I wouldn’t vote for anybody that is being dishonest, and it’s unfair to our people,” said Harlyn, while Karen sounded even more “adamant,” according to the Herald.

Frank LeMere of the Winnebago tribe said that if allegations of Warren using false claims of American Indian ancestry to advance her career are true, then “shame on her,” adding that he, too, would “absolutely not” back such a candidate.

There’s very little doubt those allegations about Warren are true – the documentation of her false claims is extensive.

It takes a special kind of shameless for Warren to ooze concern about the poor after getting paid a hefty $430,000 from Harvard to teach a single course in its law school.

Warren is actually going to help Republicans motivate behind Donald Trump. It sounds like Elizabeth Warren is anti-profit. It sounds like she is anti-success, that like a cluster of ants everybody has to be the same and anybody who has had any success at all is going to get vilified or get thrown in the Trump camp.

That’s gonna piss off a lot of Republicans to the point where they say, you know what, Trump is a helluva lot better than listening to that socialist-type stuff

So she’s joining the right candidate, another known prevaricator, aka. Hillary. Twin Liars. Good for Trump.

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