Hillary Has Had Seizures And Fell Down.

A bit of truth is not the truth unless the bit covers the whole. Hillary’s doctors released her “Medical Condition” but not really. No info about her “Medical Issues” like her recent seizures. She had one while leaning against a bollard at Ground Zero on 9/11.  There have been many others.

Seizures have causes. The causes have been kept secret because the seizures have been secret. Seizures affect cognition because they happen within the brain. How compromised is Hillary’s brain? How cognizant is she? Not as much as she would be without whatever it is that’s causing her seizures.

Seizures are a big concern and a big medical issue but Hillary’s doctor Lisa R. Bardack, conspired about it by keeping silent. Lying by silence is lying in fact. When two or more people join together to establish false medical reports it’s a conspiracy, a Conspiracy of Silence. Welcome to Hillaryville.   


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