Boockvar is running from her own marriage in the hope that people will not vote against her. Boockvar thinks like her husband Jordan Yeager her cop-killer case attorney husband.

If they did not have a lot in common they would not be married. We know that married people, even those who are divorced, are on the same wavelength  before and during the marriage. They think alike, like the same things and agree with each other about just about everything. That’s what causes marriage.

Boockvar and Yeager are married.  Yeager did not have to choose to represent Veronica Jones, the 21-year-old prostitute who lied during her initial testimony in the murder of police officer Danny Faulkner by cop-killer Abu Jamal.

Attorney’s choose their clients. An attorneys own interests can conflict with a client and prevent an attorney from providing objective representation. Jordan Yeager, Boockvar’s husband decided to represent Jones according to his Order Of Appearance in Commonwealth vs. Mumia Abu-Jamal, Case #82-01-1357.

Boockvar  never denied she is connected with Yeagar. Yeager represents Abu’s literary agent Frances Goldwin, (Here ). Boockvar is being purposely deceptive, trying to fool and trick people into voting for her. 

From Politico: “Last year, (2011) a group tied to Boockvar’s husband, (this was the National Lawyers Guild), held an event at the Constitution Center honoring Mumia Abu-Jamal where Yeager’s client was arrested and convicted.  Abu the cop killer called into the event from prison. Call Kathy Boockvar at (215) 839-9383 and tell her that’s too radical for Bucks County.”

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