Obama, Hillary and the entire Democratic campaign is , frenzied, flailing and failing. Hillary’s in free fall in a horrible-to-watch race-to-the-bottom and her best moments are far behind her. The petit mal seizures, the twitches, the head-bobbing and more, now cause more and more people to ask very-valid questions, especially given; her known medical history; her previous physical issues and her reflexive lying honed by decades of obsessive secrecy. Her responses has been typical Hillary: “Talk to the hand.”

The desperation is palpable. The frequency and severity of her seizures has increased. She’s probably on Ethosuximide (Zarontin) and/or Valproic acid (Depakene) and/or FOSPHENYTOIN (Cerebyx.)

We need to see her medication list. We really need to see her EEG brain scans.

The air around Hillary is smoking with fear of more seizures in public and the air is on fire with defeat.

The Personal Attacks against a rich, good and decent family man are from the bottom of the obnoxious one himself, Saul Alinsky who maximized the despicable politics of intense dirty politics aimed not at winning but by personally slimeing the opponent. The Destruction is the Campaign as Obama showed at the Philly Art Museum rally yesterday that was as sparsly attended as Mass on Monday.

Alinsky invented disgusting personal attack politics and gave new, more evil meaning to the personal destruction of an opponent. Hillary is not campaigning for Hillary. She’s reduced to attacking Trump. The woman is an empty pant suit.

Hillary and Obama went even more dark. Their wrong-headed personal attacks against Trump didn’t work so now they are going after the voters; the citizens; the people themselves in their desperation. That’s too low for most Democrats so Hillary and Obama are driving Democrats into supporting Trump because Democrat voters don’t want to be associated with such vile tactics or trashy people.

Time for Hillary to thank the volunteers, roll up the red carpets, turn off the microphones, and go home. It’s over. It’s been awful but gratefully, Hillary must stop both for her own health and for the good of America. Our ordeal is finally coming to an end.



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