America has a value system based on goodness. Obama prefers and Honors systems run by tyrants, such as those in China, Cuba, Bolivia and other hell-holes around the world. He doesn’t love evil because he’s incapable of love. His sub-conscious is run by hate. His response to value is hate for the value and his life especially his presidency has been directed by his inner fire of hatred for values, hatred for virtue; hate for Liberty. Hate. A white-hot hate of the good because it’s good.

Obama doesn’t want your money, he wants to stop you from earning money. He wants Americans to lose; He’s not interested in success he want’s Americans to fail. ; Obama doesn’t want to live, he want’s Americans dead. He desires nothing, he hates existence.
Obama and Kaepernick are the essence of evil. Its not your wealth that they’re after. Theirs is a conspiracy against your mind, which means: against life and against humanity itself.

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