And if you want to eliminate Racism eliminate race. Crime has consequences. Black people and white people cannot change some of the differences between the races but what can change is different treatment under the law based on race.

It’s easy to change the subject of criminal behavior by talking about race; the police; the different behaviors of fathers who don’t live with the mothers of their children or Donald Trump. But when the underlying issue is crime and criminals it should be simple to be clear about things. Unfortunately, it’s not because most people want to live their own lives and not be responsible to solve the problems of others. Most people aren’t criminals.
Most people son’t want to be involved with crime. Most people don’t care about what the police are doing because they never get involved with the police. That’s most people.

Other people and in the case of police behavior that usually shows a difference between the races. If criminals were all located in one state it would be simple to send the police there.

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