According to movie reviewer Scott Holleran the movie “AMERICA” “teems with a proper American Sense of Life” That’s an Ayn Rand idea that represents the total approach a person has to their own life. Here’s it is in Ayn Rands own words.

“A given person’s sense of life is hard to identify because it is hard to isolate: it is involved in everything about that person, in his every thought, emotion, action, in his every response, in his every choice and value, in his every spontaneous gesture, in his manner of moving, talking, smiling, in the total of his personality. It is that which makes him a “personality.”

“Introspectively, one’s own sense of life is experienced as an absolute and an irreducible primary—as that which one never questions, because the thought of questioning it never arises. Extrospectively, the sense of life of another person strikes one as an immediate, yet undefinable, impression—on very short acquaintance—an impression which often feels like certainty, yet is exasperatingly elusive, if one attempts to verify it.

“This leads many people to regard a sense of life as the province of some sort of special intuition, as a matter perceivable only by some special, non-rational insight. The exact opposite is true: a sense of life is not an irreducible primary, but a very complex sum; it can be felt, but it cannot be understood, by an automatic reaction; to be understood, it has to be analyzed, identified and verified conceptually. That automatic impression—of oneself or of others—is only a lead; left untranslated, it can be a very deceptive lead. But if and when that intangible impression is supported by and unites with the conscious judgment of one’s mind, the result is the most exultant form of certainty one can ever experience: it is the integration of mind and values.

“There are two aspects of man’s existence which are the special province and expression of his sense of life: love and art.”

Back to the movie. Holleran says: “this independent movie, which strikes a chord in this deeply wounded and crippled nation, is not a recreation of history. It is not a documentary. It is not a philosophical examination of the country for which it is named.

“America assails ObamaCare, which is correctly accused of achieving what D’Souza calls a “masterful distortion and extortion” against the nation which gives the impression that Obama’s for us against insurance companies when, in fact, as the fascist scheme necessitates, ObamaCare is for crony insurers against us.

“America” the movie provides political ammunition against the Left, the Progressives and the Liberals who assail America and Americans 24/7.


D’Sousa proves false the idea that America was a nation established by slave masters using slaves. How a nation could be established that way is never explained by the Left. D’Souza proves the idea that America is a slave based nation is nonsense. Indeed some prominent and important black Americans make the point that even though Africans were sold as slaves in Africa one of the best things resulted from those times. American blacks are far better off than present day black Africans. That doesn’t justify slavery but it places present day America high on a mountain as a culture and a nation that is good for black people because it is good for people

Both Holleran and D’Souza condemn President Obama. “America” Holleran contends, proves the case for Barack Obama as an American destroyer.

These days are not easy ones for Americans who are being assaulted on one side by the Left and on the other by President Obama. “America” the movie will make the problems easier to bear because it shows how good America is and it provides some answers to the Left showing where they are wrong.

The movie is well worth the time of good Americans and that means just about everyone.

America is truly Beautiful.


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