Loyalty oaths are normally required by coercive governments to impose conformity on the masses and compel them to click their heels and proclaim their devotion to the Fatherland.

In a democracy, the representatives of the state are supposed to pledge their loyalty to the people by taking an oath to that effect. That’s the correct relationship between the state and the people, at least in America. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

But what governments want is “good citizens”, not revolutionaries, not freedom-loving populists, and not well-informed, critical thinking individuals who can see through the sham of government’s jingoistic propaganda. They want people who are going to follow the rules. People who do what they’re told. People who fight the wars, and perform their worktime drudgery for 30 or 40 years until they’re carted off to the glue factory. That’s what governments want. Reciting a loyalty oath to the state by the people fits perfectly with this dumbed-down version of permanent indentured servitude. A loyalty oath provides the ideological foundation for bovine acquiescence to the demands of the state and the crooks who run it. Disguising the purpose of the loyalty oath is necessary because people inclined to freedom will not agree to be ruled and regulated.

Donald Trump is a manifestation of those ideas which explains his popularity as well as his surprise that he’s doing so well. Perhaps the cause of his political success eludes him, it eludes most people who don’t stop and think about what government does to them. Expressing loyalty to a tormentor is a mark of madness yet it’s done whenever the proceedure, the loyalty oath learned as a child is practiced.

Where are the people to question the loyalty oaths that undermine democracy and personal liberty? Why are their voices never heard?

A brainwashed culture doesn’t produce people who are incapable of looking around and asking ‘what the hell is going on?..

People who love freedom, should be appalled by the idea we are coerced to stand and declare support for the state. It’s supposed to be the other way round.

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