Writing in The New English Review, Russian Expert Michael Curtis wants to call America’s attention to the enigmatic Russian President Vladimir Putin and the problems to America and the world he represents. He has conquered and seized the Crimea, East Ukraine, South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Most people don’t know where Abkhazia is located let alone know why it’s important to America but they know about the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine because Russia just took them and the rest of the lilly-livered world didn’t give a damn just as the world didn’t much care when Germany took the Sudetenland and Poland. But boy oh boy, did that change things.

Why did the rest of the world not care that Putin took the Crimea? In the case of Obama he held peace to be more important than morality; the idea of right and wrong was not an issue for Obama. Call him a coward for not fighting Putin and Russia but also realize how dumb is was because Putin would not have gone to war over Crimea. Obama is the world statesman America has ever had. A classless act. It’s good he leaves in 5 months.

In a merciless, and somewhat exaggerated, book The Man Without A Face, Masha Gessen has written of Putin as a gangster, a vulgar, cruel, emotionless figure who imprisoned opponents and is guilty of or involved in murder of critics, including Alexander Litvenko in London, Anna Politkovskaya, Sergei Magnitsky, and Boris Nemtsov in Moscow. Gesse also accuses him of amassing personal wealth, almost a kleptomaniac, greedily involved in embezzling state funds as the godfather of a “Mafia clan” ruling the country.

Whatever the truth of these personal accusations, Putin strengthened both his own position as well central power in Russia. He has falsified election results in December 2011, an action that led to a large demonstration in Moscow, and he is the automatic victor of the presidential election to be held in September 2018.


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