Take a look at Michelle’s actions as she takes the unexpected and beautiful Tiffany wrapped gift from Melania. HERE.
No one want’s to be unkind to Michelle. It was a bad day for her. She had to leave the White House where she never seemed comfortable. She was being recorded. She went out of her way to dress especially nice to show the world she was a woman with style and grace. She had to welcome her replacement, a woman who stood for many of the ideas Michelle stood against.

Michelle had to be a trooper. She was on edge because she didn’t like doing what she had to do which was to act gracious. Acting has never been Michelle’s strong suit. She rules her husband with steel in her glances as she showed to him when he was all smiles to Helling Thourning-Schmidt, the Prime Minster of Denmark, a small, white, European country and Michelle had to steel herself as her husband ignored her and smiled and posed for a selfie with the very white blond woman. HERE.

Michelle couldn’t help herself. Her emotions roiled her and it showed in every pore on her face. She side-eyed Barack on the Inauguration stand like she did in South Africa. Same thing happened when Melania handed Michelle the gift. Michelle looked desperate as she turned this way and that looking for someone, anyone to hand it to and to get it out of her hands and sight. Finally, Barack who is very sensitive to Michelle’s moods walked over and took it from Michelle but no one thanked Melania. Faux Pas, as the French say, action in a social situation that is embarrassing or a mistake. A severe social blunder or major breach in etiquette. A major breach of etiquette. In other words a social blunder.

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