The American government was set-up with a system of checks and balances but there was never consideration of the criminals who would work around the checks and defeat the system for personal benefit like Hillary Clinton who stole the White House China and furniture, among other things from her fellow Americans.

Capitalism is based on freedom but it failed to realize freedom is what criminals want too so they can steal more of everything and in that they are more successful in America than any other place because stealing is expected in other places so it’s harder to pull it off. Not so in America where Hillary provides vivid evidence that American’s are unable to protect themselves from criminals who use the freedom to operate to our disadvantage and to the advantage of people like Obama and Hillary.

That’s not a problem of Capitalism. Criminals operate in every nation and culture but Capitalism is based more on good people so there’s no part of the system designed to catch, for example, politicians like Obama who personally benefit from cheating the people which is what he did with Obamacare, an unconstitutional power-grab that the Supreme Court ruled violates the Constitution.   developing……


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