That’s silly of course and Melania is being disrespected by the Mainstream Media because Trump has his hands around the necks of the Democrats and his thumbs are crushing their windpipes so the MSN had to invent something quick. They came up with plagiarism.

Hillary exposed the secrets of America to the Russians. Keep the media away from remembering that. Invent something quick.  Accuse Melania of stealing Michelle’s best words. Only problem was Michelle didn’t own the words. Not one letter, — because she gave the speech in public at the Democratic National Convention to an audience of tens of millions. No copyright, no trademark, no speaking fee and no fair trying to claim she owns the 27 words. None; Zip; Nada; Nyet, Zero. Freely given as they were uttered.

If Michelle wasn’t so bigoted against white people and especially if she actually liked Melania, Michelle would have been delighted someone thought something she uttered was more than mouth noise. Michelle should have thanked Melania, thanked her –if Melania had actually used something unique from Michelle but nothing Michelle said was that important. Mouth noise. Hot air into the air. 

Maybe Michell sang the Star Spangled Banner once so she thinks that’s hers too. What about the Lords Prayer? Did she say it out loud at church at least once? Under the plagiarism laws that Michelle and the MCM use. Michelle now owns the Our Father and no one else can say it.

Or, there’s no plagiarism, which is the civilized way to think about theis issue

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