Trump is better off without this small-ball little-man sore-loser anywhere close to the Trump Presidential Campaign. The Trump Campaign decision was brilliant and shows the far-ahead nature of the Trump mind.

The delegates were able to see where this incredibly stupid move by Cruz was headed. They tried to warn him by booing. He ignored their warnings. They knew he was destroying himself by showing his stubborn impulse to keep going because he believes his principles won’t let him down but he was massively wrong to do it in front of 40 million viewers.
Cruz let down his supporters although some, like him will be unable to get it and will keep supporting him throughout his self-destroying passion and self crucifixion. this didn’t have to happen but because of Cruz’s inabiulity to put himself in the shoes of his listeners he lost many if not most of his supporters. He’s smart enough to know how much damage he did although he probably couldn’t stop himself.
That’s the downside of blind faith in the political arena. Politics is not the same as the clear choice between good and evil. Trump isn’t evil although to those he beats they can, wrongly, judge him that way. Cruz fell into a trap of his own making.

Can he come back? Probably not. He will blame something else, not his own mis-judgment. He made some strategic blunders and it’s altogether good for America that we saw for ourselves how he can’t get some of the big things right.

He helped us judge the breadth of Donald Trump who gave him the microphone as well as a chance to show the world how big of a man is Ted Cruz. He certainly showed us the stubborn, politically stupid side of a man who might have been great but wasn’t. Cruz blew a great opportunity to clean up his past messes. He failed and America is better for it. In that way Cruz helped America by jumping out of the political arena. Good. Good for Trump and good for America.
Cruz showed the greatness of the American political system. Trump probably knew the he would win either way. Cruz took himself out of the winning side which strengthens the Trump campaign.

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