Evil requires a moral judgment. The actions of a person identify whether they are good or evil but. If the President is acting in accord with his ethics, he may be wrong. Being wrong is far from being evil.

A Rogue President has enormous power. So does a president who’s a saint. Either can make wrong decisions, issue wrong orders and do wrong things but being wrong may not be evil. A series of wrong decisions and an analysis of them requires Ethics. Before a set of Ethics can be identified, the criteria, the foundation for the total set of ideas that comprise an Ethics must be identified. The theme and plot of a book need to be identified then compared to the criteria so the judgment, the conclusion can be made about whether the ideas are good or evil.

Good and evil are serious things. Choice is needed before action. Ethics are the total set of ideas needed to judge all action. What are President Obama’s Ethics? Are they good or evil?

How should ethics be judged? What criteria lead to the conclusions of a set of ideas that are the ethics of each person? The criteria against which Ethics can be judged requires the basic driving ideas of all of a person’s thoughts. How can all of a persons thoughts be reviewed?

Turns out there’s a way to collect every thought. It’s the science of Epistemology but that’s not where to begin to analyze all of a person’s thoughts.
Is there a way to judge whether all of a person’s thoughts are good or evil? Is there a basic set of criteria that can be used to judge Epistemology?

Metaphysics is the study of everything. Find a person’s ideas about everything. What are President Obama’s ideas about Existence? What are his metaphysical ideas? Assemble all of his ideas and compare them against all of the possible metaphysical ideas, then judge them.

Obama’s Metaphysics / Epistemology / Ethics need to be identified before he can be judged good or evil. Metaphysics, Epistemology and Ethics are the judgment criteria to praise or condemn anything. That’s a person’s philosophy. Finally we know how to decide whether or not something’s good or evil. All we need to know is Obama’s philosophy. What is it?

We know for certain Obama’s Political Ideas. He’s a Marxist. Marxism is based on the group compared to an individual. What are the Ethics of Marxism? The individual is less important than the group. What are the Epistemological ideas of Marxism? The group is the basis of all thought. What are the Metaphysics of Marxism? The Group can identify the overall basis of everything.

Is there a correct Philosophy? Of course. It’s based on a correct Metaphysics, a correct Epistemology, a correct Ethics and a correct Politics. That would be Reality, Reason, the Individual and Capitalism.

Obama is a Marxist. He’s against the race of his mother. He tells us that in his book: “Dreams From My Father”. He has no fully identifies Metaphysics but his views about everything aren’t based on Reality, just as Karl Marx views weren’t. Marx and Obama are Dreamers. Their Metaphysic’s are based on dreamed up possibilities. Those aren’t the ideas of reality. Dreamers use their thoughts, thoughts which are not grounded in Reality, in Existence; to construct a dream world but the world is known or at the least it’s knowable.

So Obama’s Philosophy is wrong. He’s done far too many wrong things. He needs to stop. He needs to understand what he did compared to what he should have done. Mitt Romney said he should apologize. That would be a good sign but that’s impossible. Obama will continue on a wrong path and he’ll go further and further from the right one. He will continue to degrade America. America went horribly wrong when Obama became President. He as two years left and American’s will continue to suffer. A single malevolent disaster of a man has America in his grip and he will do even worse things than he’s done over the past six years. the effects of those wrong actions will plague and haunt America for as long as it exists. These are the worst times ever for Liberty.

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