Actor Ben Affleck is a confirmed Left Wing Liberal. He is massively wrong about religion, especially about the morality and practices of Islam. According to noted psychiatrist Michael J. Hurd: “My theory? Affleck, and others like him, see America as a victimizer. They see America as a victimizer because it makes the rest of the world look bad. All the wealth and fortune created in this nation by things totally in opposition to the value and beliefs of these primitive, savage and completely anti-secular Islamic types is an affront to people with those beliefs. Affleck actually sympathizes with them. He hates the American system as well. That’s why he supports people like Obama who seek to “transform” that system into something totally different. In his own way, hard-core advocates of Obama-like policies such as Ben Affleck are just as much at odds with America as we know it as are the Islamic radicals, though for somewhat different reasons. He probably wants to defend the so-called “moderate” elements of Islam because he feels, at the core, that they really have a point. He’s angry at ISIS and other jihadists, not so much because of their ideology, but because they carry it so far that it distracts from what (Affleck feels) is the real issue. The real issue? American capitalism is rotten, corrupt and evil. On that much, he and the jihadists agree.”

With a set of moral principles like Affleck’s he can never accept the basic goodness of the American System. Never is a strong word. Maybe Affleck will change someday but bet against it. His Left Wing roots go back to his parents views about life. He’s their product. Too bad for them, him, his children and for everyone everywhere because if the world is ever going to get right, it’s the American system that will do it. People like Affleck who have a huge number of adoring fans are dis-serving mankind. He’s dangerous because he defends really dangerous people.

He may pretend to support Islam but he lives and breathes as a Capitalist who will never convert to Islam. .

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