What’s Evil? The dictionary says it’s something malevolent or immoral. It’s something that’s wicked. It’s depraved conduct.
What? Evil is conduct?
Sure. Evil is an action by a moral agent. Animals for example, can never be evil because they can’t think so they can’t have ethics. The actions of lesser beings, lesser than thinking humans, that would include Ebola viruses, are neither good not evil because an entity must make a choice, must decide before acting.

They can’t make choices except in response to instinctual behavior. An idea itself can’t be evil because no idea can exist except as a thought in the head of an individual. Only a thinking, acting entity can be evil.
Why then is the idea of murder for example, not evil? Because murder requires someone kill someone else. The action, the killing is evil but the idea of killing isn’t. Nothing happens when someone thinks about murder. Reading a mystery book about how a murder was done isn’t evil but actually murdering someone is. Beheading someone is evil. Reading about how to do it or even reading about why it must be done is thought, not action. Thoughts are neither good nor evil because they don’t exist outside the brain, the mind of the entity. The thought driving an evil person is neither good nor evil. It’s wrong but the thought isn’t the action. Existence is required before a judgment can be made.

Islam isn’t evil. The Koran isn’t an evil book. Evil is a moral issue and no book can act so no book can follow a morality.
An instruction book to make a bomb isn’t an evil book. The bomb isn’t an evil weapon but it can be used by an evil person.

But when a man beheads another man, that’s evil. Regardless of why, the man is evil because of his actions. The responsibility for being evil is his choice. He cannot blame a book; he cannot blame a knife. He’s evil. Murder is evil because it stops the life of someone. It requires a murderer.

If Islam is evil, it must be stopped but it’s impossible to stop a book or a religion. Books and religions don’t exist as actions. They can be right or wrong. they can be correct or incorrect but they cannot act. Mullah’s exist. Priests, Ayatollah’s and Rabbi’s exist. People exist and when they preach murder they become conspirators to murder. Conspiring is action. Plotting murder with murderers is evil.

So lets concentrate on killing murderers and their co-conspirators and not waste time condemning things that don’t exist. Let’s fight against the murders and their conspirators, not against books. Lets work to eliminate wrong ideas. Let’s replace wrong ideas with great ideas. Let’s be Americans in deed.

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