A wonderful idea from France where the spot where the terrorist was killed is turned into a place to spit. Grieving locals have piled stones at the spot on which Bouhlel was shot dead by police at the end of his murderous run. Locals stop only to spit and flick cigarette butts on it, while others have upended bins full of rubbish over the spot. One person has scrawled “assassin” in red paint on the pavement alongside. Another has written “coward”. A third placed an image of a middle finger with the words “f*ck Daesh [Islamic State]”.

Maybe another anti-shrine can be built on the sewage treatment plant. Disgraceful conduct must be condemned and the French hit on a great way to show proper disrespect. 

Catholic bishop from Passau, Stefan Oster, has admonished Muslims to stand up against terror in the name of Islam.
Oster was referring to the worldwide terror attacks in the name of Islam. According to Oster, after attacks like the one in Nice, a cohesive reaction from Muslims was barely detected.

“When at last will come the collective, the great unified outcry of all peaceful Muslims of the world authentically devoted to their God, that they do not want to let their religion be abused any longer in the name of terror?” Oster wrote on his webpage. And he demanded: “Finally stand up together against this insanity!”

Oster warned that the religious and political leaders of Islam must band together in order to explain to the world that Islam and terrorism are not compatible. That he is missing an honest acknowledgment for peace and religious freedom, and he demanded an end to the persecution of religious minorities in Muslim-dominated countries.

Oster continues: “But the less Muslims stand up against violence in the name of religion, the more they allow it happen that “daily, hourly, the suspicion is supported that Islam is a religion that wants to instill fear into the world and does not bring peace!” Oster writes. He also suspects possible motives behind the reticence that is so obvious to him: “Are they heard and seen of so little because they are afraid? Or because they are badly organized? Or is there another reason?”

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