The German Catholic bishops’ conference has issued a statement declaring homosexuality to be just as “normal” as heterosexuality while adding that adultery can no longer be considered a “serious sin.” The bishops left the conference in a white van on which the words “Mental Health Unit” were noticed.

We know from watching, from photo’s and from behavior in strip clubs that people are either male or female and are genetically designed to be attracted to the opposite sex. Anything which deviates from this pattern is an aberration/abnormality of biology. In plain words, heterosexuality is the norm, homosexuality is not. The question often becomes: What should be done about it? In a word: ‘NOTHING’. You didn’t cause it so it’s not up to you to do anything about it. Gay people have rights just like non-gay people so leave them to their business. In simple English, Bugger Off! 🙂 The bishops need to get on with the business of bishops and leave the sex business to the non-bishops.

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