“Carnarvon (South Africa) (AFP) – Even operating at 1/4 of its capacity, South Africa’s MeerKAT radio telescope showed off its phenomenal power Saturday, revealing 1,300 galaxies in a tiny corner of the universe where only 70 were known before. What about Heaven?

When fully up and running in the 2020s, the “telescope”, actually a Radio Scope called the Square Kilometer Array will comprise 3,000 dishes spread over an area of a square kilometer (0.4 square miles) across remote terrain around several countries to allow scientists to see objects deeper into space in unparalleled detail.

It will have a discovery potential 10,000 times greater than the most advanced modern instruments and will explore exploding stars, black holes, dark energy and traces of the universe’s origins some 14 billion years ago. What about heaven? Isn’t heaven supposed to be out there somewhere?

Jesus mentions Heaven about seventy times in the book of Matthew alone. It appears from the very first verse in Genesis — “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” — to the last reference found at the end of Revelation — “[He] showed me the great city… descending out of Heaven from God” (Revelation 21:10 NKJV). In fact, fifty-four of the sixty- six books in the Bible mention Heaven.

We are told Heaven is a literal place. It is not an imaginary world nor a fantasy land in which to dwell. God created Heaven with its vast array of authentic characteristics (Genesis 2:1). So where is it? Is it up or down? The evidence is it’s up. the Gospel by Luke says that.

So which way would be up? Probably above the North pole because that’s at the top of the orbit. How far up?

So far, no one knows. “Up” has no limit. Lots of things are like that. But even though Heaven is supposed to exist and is supposed to be a real place, the probability or the chance of the SKA to discover it with a radioscope is extremely close to zero.

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