How is it possible to bribe the FBI? Is that how Hillary avoided prosecution for sabotage? It’s a reasonable conclusion after FBI director Comey refused to prosecute her for her violations of so many statutes that ruined the lives of people who were innocent where Hillary was clearly guilty. 

Hillary Clinton, by the FBI’s statement, transmitted 110 classified emails over an unclassified system. The system was created by her for her own purposes. Those 110 emails could not have been moved electronically to her system from a classified system and thus had to be retyped by someone. This is obvious intent, this is obvious transmission of classified materials, it is obviously in violation of national security laws. Yet, the FBI recommends no prosecution. The FBI has prosecuted a number of government officials for far lesser infractions and leaves us literally speechless here in the US about how this could possibly be justified.
Washington-based watchdog Judicial Watch released 246 pages of memos from Ken Starr’s investigation showing prosecutors had evidence Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell were guilty of criminal fraud in the Whitewater affair.

Judicial Watch said the newly released documents also show Clinton and Hubbell engaged in a criminal cover-up conspiracy that included destroying material documents and lying under oath to federal authorities.
An April 20, 1998, memo by the “HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) Team” addressed to “All OIC Attorneys” outlines the conclusions reached by the federal prosecutors:

Hillary Clinton’s legal work at the Rose Law Firm with Webb Hubbell included a criminal scheme to defraud a local savings and loan bank arranging fraudulent loan purchases in a real estate transaction known as “Castle Grande.”
The criminal fraud committed by Clinton and Hubbell was further complicated by a criminal cover-up scheme.
The criminal cover-up perpetrated by Clinton and Hubbell was accomplished by the following acts: (1) destroying legal files regarding the fraudulent transaction, (2) lying under oath to federal investigators, including the FDIC and Congress, (3) removing incriminating records from Vince Foster’s office after his death, and (4) destroying other records, including Rose Law Firm records that would provide incriminating evidence against Clinton and Hubbell in the Whitewater scandal.
Chief Justice John Roberts shattered the confidence of voters in 2012 with his majority opinion in NFIB v. Sebelius. He said Obamacare was unconstitutional. Then he went off the reservation and decided the individual mandate was a “tax” that saved an unconstitutional law. Roberts, Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg and Breyer undermined the credibility of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court lied and tried to hide their lie by tying its legal reasoning in knots to uphold an unconstitutional law giving sweeping unconstitutional new powers to the federal government. What good is the court?

Americans cannot trust the Supreme Court and the FBI because they fail to prosecute the unconstitutional power of Obama and Crooks Like Hillary. The FBI’s recommendation not to indict Hillary Clinton highlights institutional decay and explains Americans’ growing distrust of government which is what is driving people to support government outsider Donald Trump. Good. Very good for Trump and the truth. That’s good for everybody.

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