The HuffPo wrote about Black Senator Tim Scott who said he was stopped by the police seven times in one year as though it was because of racism. Was it: 1. Racism; 2. Common Sense Police Work or 3. because of Crime?

Put your money on crime. Consider: “While young black males have accounted for about 1% of the population from 1980 to 2008…(b)y 2008, young black males made up about a quarter of all homicide offenders (27%)”.

So Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) was pulled over by the police, not because as he said “I was pulled over for nothing more than driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood, or some other trivial reason. But it wasn’t trivial. It’s what police are supposed to do and if and until the good senator figures out police stop black men because black men are notorious for committing far more crimes than white men, he will continue to labor under thare wrong conclusion.

In fact when he’s stopped by the police he should know that it makes people like him, innocent black people, safer because the police are doing their job.

If the police stopped more white men they would be putting everyone in more danger because while they were checking out the white men some black men were busy committing crimes. That’s the way police should operate. 

Do black lives matter? That’s a rather stupid question. The right question is: “Does crime matter?” If your answer is yes, and because that’s the correct answer then the police must be given the power to stop whomsoever they choose because that’s why there are police.

Why are there police? It’s not to hassle black people and black people need to figure that out because it will make the innocent black people safer and the guilty ones investigated.

Under intense pressure, the Chicago police cut their pedestrian stops by 90 percent and murders are up 60 percent. When the Baltimore police virtually stopped making drug arrests after the Freddie Gray riots, murders shot up by 63 percent. They are up 54 percent in Washington, DC, and 65 percent in Milwaukee. If no blacks at all are arrested there will be no appearance of bias. Is that what Mr. Obama wants? [The Dallas Killings Were Inevitable, American Renaissance, July 8, 2016]. 

Millions of Americans around the country have witnessed black mobs causing chaos at fast food restaurants, concerts, and other public spaces, often interspersed with feral cries of “World Star!” (WorldStarHipHop is a website that ostensibly features rap videos but more often features black Americans videotaping their own violent acts.)

For example, the “Epic Beard Man” case of several years ago would undoubtedly have been presented as a “racist” assault by a white man on an innocent African-American were it not for the existence of a video proving the black man started the fight.

Similarly, the “Knockout Game” is another viral phenomenon that the MSM tries to deny but which millions of Americans know is real because they’ve seen it. 

The FBI reports that there were 806,316 homicides in the US between 1965 and 2004, of which 588,611, 76% were committed by blacks, of which179,808 were Whites murdered by blacks.  Of the 806,316 homicides, 322,526 were not cleared, only 483,790 were cleared, and of those 179,808 Whites murdered by blacks, 43,541 were cleared and 136,267 were not cleared.  In just four decades, American blacks killed almost as many Whites as were killed in WWII, four times as many Whites as were killed in Vietnam, and 60 times as many Whites as died in 911 or Iraq HERE.

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