If the teenager who was killed was resisting the orders of the police officer when he was shot multiple times he was exercising his right to do what he wanted to do. But that’s not a right that’s recognized as one that’s protected. His lifeless body was lying in the middle of a street. Why was he in the middle of the street? Why was he shot? Why was he shot multiple times? The answers so far seem clear. He resisted the police officer. He should have been walking on the side of the road. Roads are not for walking.

Bbut the facts will not stop some demonstrators. They will stop.  Eventually. Hopefully for them and for the police they will stop immediately but at the moment they are not demonstrators. They are a defiant mob. A mob cannot be respected because the mob refuses to show respect. That’s why it’s called a mob. A mob that’s looting is a criminal mob. Only police should respond to a criminal mob because un-armed people are at an extreme disadvantage during a riot.

When the demonstrators respect the community and themselves and stop being a rioting mob the demonstrations can continue. Until then the best advice is to leave the riot areas.

Will Justice be done in Ferguson? No one knows. The reporting is probably biased. American media may be unreliable because of bias. A news service in England has published a report but it doesn’t seem objective. (HERE). there are too many individual incidents for justice to be served for each person who is in the riot area. There are dangerous people in the riot area as well as sincere, well-meaning, non-violent law-abiding protestors and demonstrators but they cannot be distinguished from the violent ones. If the police have no choice they will take it.   

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