He cheated. He lied. He hid the truth. He censored the press releases. He redacted the evidence. He got a pass from the Media. They simply stopped reporting on the War of Terror. The perception became Obama Beat ISIS. The reality is ISIS is still here. Iran is still here. The Muslim threat to the West is still here. Obama did little to stop them. Why?

It’s a cultural push to get media to deliberately keep information away from the public. But we have the Internet. We have thousands of Right Wing websites like Reason, American Thinker, Capitalism Magazine, Pamella Geller, Gates of Vienna, Ilana Mercer, and the UNZ Review. We have thousands of websites but the Mainstream Media shut-down of anti-Muslim information is working to some degree. On the day of the Orlando attack, CNN correspondents made a big deal about not publicizing Mateen’s name and image while reporting on the aftermath.

Why did an American President do so little that America’s vast middle class rose up and is supporting Donald Trump? He made a big mistake. Obama simply mis-calculated because he is so biased he thinks no one will notice his head-in-the-sand ostrich strategy that he believes, wrongly, will save the Muslim world from the rest of the world. The First Glorious American Dictator and anti-White bigot President is like a bullet from Animal Farm, also by George Orwell. Obama believes he can control the Media because the media obeys “NEWSPEAK” the language designed to keep the Left-Liberal view in the forefront of the culture but it’s not working.

A major theme of Nineteen Eighty-Four the Novel by George Orwell is censorship, especially by the Ministry of Truth, where photographs are modified and public archives rewritten to rid them of “undeeds” and “unpersons” (i.e., events and people who have been arrested, whom the Party has decided to erase from history). Like Loretta Lynch’s censorship of the Orlando Terrorists phone conversation with law enforcement, Obama and his adminstration is disappearing the information about the terrorist attacks in America. He did the same thing with the Muslim San Bernardino Terrorists.

The media is reporting Omar Mateen was born here. They lie when they omit his parents were born in Afghanistan therefore he’s an Afghani, not a native born American. Deceptive? Sure and even worse, it’s propaganda by not saying the truth. “NEWSPEAK”. Lying. Fraud. Offensive in the First Degree. OBAMASPEAK. Dangerous to Liberty.

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