The 2013 Municipal Election is over and in Bucks County Republican voters came out in force to register their disgust with Obamacare. The quality of the Republican candidates was not nearly as important as their Republican Party membership. Consider Northampton Township. The supervisor’s race to elect two supervisors was between two incumbent Democrats and two new Republicans. The Republicans won by more votes that ever over the Democrats. No Democrat won in Northampton, even an incumbent  Republican Tax Collector who was added to the Democrat’s ballot. Every Democrat went down to defeat because of the huge backlash against: the Affordable Care Act; against President Obama and against Democrats in general.

That’s makes the 2014 Congressional Election more of a sure thing for Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. The Congressman won in 2012 by the largest majority ever in Bucks County, a county that voted to elect and re-elect President Obama.

The voters assault against Democrats will also help Governor Corbett in 2014. Corbett has some political problems because he tried hard but didn’t succeed to eliminate the State Liquor store system, one of only two left in America. Corbett too will ride the coattails of the onslaught against Democrats.  

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